Visit Nantucket

Visit Nantucket

May 18, 2020
RE: COVID-19 Policy Update

Dear Valued Clients,
In the wake of increasing risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented temporary changes to our services.  While we have resumed scanning and VR photography services, our number one priority is still the health and safety of our team and our clients.  Precautions include the following but do not supersede government guidelines*.


  • Clients should have the home, property or business site appropriately prepared for 3D photography. Prepare as though visitors are coming into your home or building, similar to an open house. Reach out if you have any specific questions as to how to prepare.
  • Prior to your 3D capture/shoot, we ask that the client turn on all lighting, open all doors related to the tour, raise blinds if necessary and turn off all ceiling fans. If you have requested that cabinets, drawers or any display doors be opened, please prepare these areas ahead of the shoot.
  • In preparation for our arrival, a sanitized wipe-down of all surfaces that are likely to be touched would be appreciated.
  • In an effort to reduce exposure and to speed up our time on site, we ask that all homeowners or staff exit the premises prior to our arrival. This also enables us to quickly deliver your assets so that you can get back to conducting important family or business activities. We are asking for a key, lockbox or code to gain access. If necessary, someone can meet on site to let us in and then return upon our completion. If you utilize security camera technology, please feel free to keep your cameras on for your peace of mind.
  • We want to minimize everyone’s exposure so our team members will be sanitizing their hands before and after each shoot, wear appropriate gloves and masks if necessary, and will be cautious about touching surfaces. If the situation warrants, we will utilize additional personal protection gear.
  • We will have sanitizing wipes along with us and will wipe off appropriate surfaces prior to departure.
  • We will ensure that all team members providing services will have not recently traveled and are not showing any signs of illness related to COVID-19 symptoms. As an added measure we will be taking our temperature through out the day.

Thank you for your trust, your cooperation and your understanding. We wish you the best of health and happiness during these trying times.


Kenan Giguere
Giguere Interactive


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